Oxford Symposia - 3rd Annual


Antisense & Therapeutic Nucleic Acids

10 April 2017, St Hilda's College, Oxford, UK

Twitter: @LPMHealthcare, #OligoOx17

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dynabioBiophysical Analysis of Molecular Interactions with switchSENSE®

switchSENSE® is an automated biosensor chip technology that employs electrically actuated DNA nanolevers for the real-time measurement of binding kinetics (kON, kOFF) and affinities (KD). Interactions between proteins, DNA/RNA, and small molecules can be detected with femto-molar sensitivity. At the same time, protein diameters (DH) are analyzed with Angstrom accuracy and conformational changes as well as melting transitions (TM) can be measured using minimal amounts of sample.

The principles and applicability of three complementary measurement modalities provided by switchSENSE® will be introduced in this talk: Fluorescence Proximity Sensing, Molecular Ruler Measurements, and Switching Dynamics Measurements. In addition to standard workflows we’ll discuss unique possibilities for the functionalization of the sensor surface, i.e. the electrical adjustment of ligand densities and the precise assembly of different ligands on bifunctional nanolevers.

Application examples from drug development, quality control, and fundamental research will be discussed, including:

  • – Analysis of complex binders: high-affinity antibodies and bispecific antibody formats
  • – Small molecule induced conformational changes in proteins including dimers and aggregates
  • – RNA/DNA binding proteins including riboswitches and aptamers
  • – ‘large’ object binding including liposomes and virus-like particles
  • – nucleic acid : nucleic acid methodologies for genotyping, antisense and SNP detection
  • – Enzymatic activity of polymerases and CRISPR/Cas9

An introductory movie is presented here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amGw7txpGzM&autoplay=1

CarbosynthCarbosynth are a global supplier of carbohydrates, nucleosides and niche fine chemicals to scientists from the pharmaceutical and biotech communities. With more than 7,500 carbohydrates, nucleosides and fine chemicals for R&D, and many produced in bulk, Carbosynth have an extensive range and are continually developing new products and extending their catalogue. They have distribution hubs in Compton, UK, San Diego, USA and Suzhou, China and our dedicated teams of chemists and analysts support our catalogue and strive to provide products on time and in specification every time.

Carbosynth have diverse and broad experience in chemistries that range from small laboratory scale multi-step synthesis to large scale multi-tonnage manufacture and are able to draw upon a wide range of experience in chemistries and processes, especially in the fields of nucleosides. This range includes nucleoside building blocks, nucleosides, sugar nucleotides, phosphoroamidites, nucleoside mono and triphosphates.

Carbosynth also offers a range of carbohydrates and niche fine chemicals that include versatile building blocks or products with specialist applications ranging from biochemical reagents, natural antioxidants, coupling agents, to activators in peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis.

Custom synthesis is one of Carbosynth’s fastest-growing business sectors and they are committed to providing in-time development, cost effective solutions and delivery of quality compounds.

Carbosynth: The Source for Carbohydrates and Nucleosides

More information: www.carbosynth.com, sales@carbosynth.com

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