• LibPubMedia is an Oxford-based network of scientists providing
    a portfolio of services to the biopharmaceutical, biotechnology,
    academic and government sectors, including conferences,
    workshops, event planning and management, consultancy and recruitment.

  • >State-of-the-art biomedical events at Oxford since 2006
    >Targeting biopharma, biotech, academic & government sectors
    >A great mix of senior & junior scientists, group leaders, company
    executives and commercial suppliers
    >Relaxed, friendly and intellectually-stimulating environment

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    Our Oxford Events
  • Organise your next event at Oxford & enjoy our specialist
    Oxford knowledge & expert event planning & management
    services, customised to your requirements.

    We have been your local Oxford specialists since 2006...

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    Event Planning & Management
  • Organise your next event at Oxford & enjoy our specialist
    Oxford knowledge & expert event planning & management
    services, customised to your requirements.

    We have been your local Oxford specialists since 2006...

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    Event Planning & Management
  • We offer world-class expertise and consultancy in
    nucleic acids and molecular technologies.
    We can provide both dry- and wet-lab consultancies.
    We are open to both industry and academic sectors.

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  • We specialise in the recruitment of junior & senior researchers
    & fresh graduates with training in biomedical sciences, in particular
    from the University of Oxford. Our recruitment service is led by former
    Oxford University faculty and alumni, giving us a unique understanding
    of and unparalleled access to the excellent Oxford talent.

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Our Oxford Events

  • LibPubMedia has been organising cutting-edge international research conferences, symposia, workshops and training courses at Oxford (Why Oxford?) since 2006. Our state-of-the-art biomedical conferences target biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic and government sectors, offering the best scientific programmes and a balanced coverage of latest research developments in academic and industrial laboratories. We strive to make our conferences relaxed, friendly and intellectually-stimulating, providing perfect settings for close collaboration, and development of new professional links.

    Global participation of scientists from both academia and industry also provides a diverse mix of potential customers to our sponsors, offering outstanding opportunities to boost the customer base and network with the trade partners and researchers.

    Attended by leading researchers from academia and industry, our conferences provide excellent opportunities for students and young researchers to find their next position and network with senior researchers.


    This is what some of the delegates and sponsors said about our conferences:-

    • "Excellent event - just the right size. It was a great opportunity to make new contacts."
    • "I think I met most of the other delegates, which was great as I have many new contacts and friends in the field."
    • "Optimal size and the right mix of delegates."
    • "Fantastic meeting all around. Great programme, great venue and great hospitality - I will definitely attend again."
    • "I really enjoyed the meeting and made some excellent contacts."
    • "Very intimate, friendly and interactive atmosphere..."
    • "I thought the meeting was outstanding. Congratulations!"
    • "I am very much looking forward to attending next year’s meeting."
    • "Loads of new customer contacts...excellent value for money."

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
    Email: info@lpmhealthcare.com
    Telephone: +44(0)1865 600222 (ansaphone)
    Skype: LPMHealtcare

    Follow Us:

    Twitter: @LPMHealthcare

    LinkedIn: Oxford Biomedical Sciences Network

    Join our LinkedIn Groups & Stay in Touch:

    >RNAi @ Oxford
    >Influenza @ Oxford
    >Journal of Venom Research
    >Bacteriophages in Medicine, Biotechnology, Food and Environment
    >Journal of RNAi and Gene Silencing
    >Oxford Biomedical Sciences Network

    Partner Publications

    >The European Journal of Extracellular Vesicles
    >Journal of Venom Research

  • We are grateful to the following sponsors for their generous support of our events:

    • BTG Plc, USA/UK
    • Sigma-Aldrich, UK/USA
    • CSL, Australia
    • Silanes, Mexico
    • Global Snakebite Initiative, Australia
    • MicroPharm, UK
    • Integrated DNA Technologies, Europe
    • Ribomic Inc, Japan
    • IPSEN, France
    • Vins Bio, India
    • Horiba, France
    • ThermoFisher Scientific, UK
    • Molecular Devices, UK
    • Qiagen, Germany
    • Cellecta, USA
    • Cenix Bioscience GmbH
    • Amaxa, Germany
    • Eupheria Biotech GmbH, Germany
    • Applied Biosystems, UK
    • Ambion, UK
    • Eurogentec, UK
    • Oxford University Press, UK
    • RXi Pharmaceuticals, USA
    • PerkinElmer, UK
    • Exiqon, UK
    • InVitrogen, UK
    • Abcam, UK
    • Agilent Technologies, UK
    • Panomics, UK
    • Pfizer-Coley, Germany
    • PolyPlus, France
    • RiboBio, China
    • Carl Zeiss, UK
    • Illumina, UK
    • Arkivum, UK
    • Dharmacon/GE Healthcare
    • iba Solutions, Germany
    • IZON, UK
    • addgene, USA
    • Base-Pair Bioscience, USA
    • Cobra:bio, UK
    • Takara-Clontech, France
    • Lonza, UK

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