• LibPubMedia is an Oxford-based network of scientists providing
    a portfolio of services to the biopharmaceutical, biotechnology,
    academic and government sectors, including conferences,
    workshops, event planning and management, consultancy and recruitment.

  • State-of-the-art biomedical events at Oxford since 2006
    Targeting biopharma, biotech, academic & government sectors
    Attended by world's leading scientists & emerging researchers,
    company executive and solution providers
    Relaxed, friendly and intellectually-stimulating
    Perfect for close delegate collaboration & networking

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    Our Oxford Events
  • State-of-the-art biomedical events at Oxford since 2006
    Targeting biopharma, biotech, academic & government sectors
    A great mix of senior scientists, company executives & emerging researchers
    Relaxed, friendly and intellectually-stimulating environment

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    Our Oxford Events
  • We offer world-class expertise and consultancy in
    nucleic acids and molecular technologies.
    We can provide both dry- and wet-lab consultancies.
    We are open to both industry and academic sectors.

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  • Organise your next event at Oxford & enjoy our specialist
    Oxford knowledge & expert event planning & management
    services, customised to your requirements.

    We are your local Oxford specialists since 2006...

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    Event Planning & Management
  • We specialise in the recruitment of junior & senior researchers
    & fresh graduates with training in biomedical sciences, in particular
    from the University of Oxford. Our recruitment service is led by former
    Oxford University faculty and alumni, giving us a unique understanding
    of and unparalleled access to the excellent Oxford talent.

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  • We offer world-class expertise and consultancy in the field of NUCLEIC ACIDS and MOLECULAR TECHNOLOGIES.

    We can provide the following:

    • Staff training - dry and laboratory-based - in-house or off-site
    • Training courses in molecular biology for both biologists and non-biologists
    • Short-term and long-term dry or laboratory-based consultancy
    • Experiment design, planning and evaluation
    • Advice on setting up laboratory facilities
    • Technology evaluation
    • Training material
    • Scientific presentations
  • Case Study 1 -  Wet-lab Consultancy:

    An international R&D therapeutics company, interested in developing oligonucleotide-based drugs, needed expertise in RNA structure analysis in order to discover accessible sites in RNAs for targeting with DNA- and RNA-based anti-RNA oligonucleotides. This company approached us for a 6-8 months long, fully-funded wet-lab project, which required expertise from us in the oligonucleotide biochemistry, RNA structure analysis, biochemical and cellular biology techniques, radiation biology and a broad understanding of the antisense oligonucleotide field.

    We accepted to undertake this project.

    The initial stages of the project involved finding appropriate laboratory space, negotiating terms with the space provider, facilitating contractual agreements, including intellectual property matters, between the company and the space provider.

    Our consultant supervised a mid-career postdoctoral researcher in day-to-day laboratory work on this project, conducted regular lab meetings with the researcher and the company's senior management, and directed regular progress reports for the company in the required format. The project was completed within the required time-frame and achieved the goals set out at the beginning.

    Case Study 2 -  Dry Consultancy:

    A company approached us for review of a patent application in the area of nucleic acid therapeutics. The project involved researching previous literature and providing them with a critical review of there manuscript which was completed to their requirements.

    Case Study 3 -  Teaching  and Laboratory Training:

    One of the world's top universities needed a trainer for their 2nd degree-level course in molecular biology for advanced students with diverse academic backgrounds, including engineering, mathematics, computer sciences, physics, chemistry and chemical engineering, statistics, geology and marketing, etc. The course involved preparation and delivery of lectures, and designing and supervising laboratory practicals at the level suitable for such a diverse group of students. Our consultant designed and delivered lectures and supervised a laboratory-based practical course to introduce the students to numerous analytical techniques for handling bacteria, nucleic acids and proteins.

    Our consultant conducted this course for three years, until this course reached its natural end.
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