Oxford Symposia


Technology and Application Symposium - 23rd March 2015

Sigma-Aldrich Technology Workshop - 24th March 2015

St Hilda's College, Oxford, UK

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Welcome to CRISPR 2015 Oxford Symposium


CRISPR-cas systems are among the newest additions to gene editing and regulating tools, offering unlimited possibilities, with considerable potential in genetic medicine, agriculture, biotechnology and fundamental research. Thus, in principle, CRISPR-cas systems have application in targeting defective genes to cure hereditary disorders, improving crops and livestock, enhancing biotechnological production of proteins, enzymes and metabolites and in engineering model laboratory animals for a particular set of investigations.

We are delighted to announce our first CRISPR symposium at Oxford, which will be held on 23rd March at St Hilda’s College. This symposium will be one of the first international meetings at Oxford that will bring together the CRISPR community from both academia and industry to discuss and share new ideas and applications of CRISPR-cas systems in genome editing and engineering.

We welcome proposals for poster presentation, in particular on new applications and experimental design using CRISPR-cas. Please contact us on,  if you have any questions.

The Symposium will be co-hosted with our 10th annual RNAi conference and exhibition, RNAi 2015.

Sigma-Aldrich CRISPR Technology  Workshop – 24th March 

Sigma-Aldrich are pleased to offer this half-day, fully-sponsored CRISPR Technology workshop on 24th March (morning). Registration for this workshop is free.

Sigma-Aldrich has an extensive long-term experience in developing technologies for Targeted Genome Editing.  Since 2008 they have offered validated ZFN-based kits and are now leading the development of new CRISPR/Cas9 associated products and services. 

During this Day 2 of the CRISPR 2015 Oxford Symposium, scientist from Sigma-Aldrich as well as specially invited UK-based researchers will present a series of CRISPR talks that will further enhance your knowledge on Targeted Genome Editing in general and on the CRISPR/Cas9 technology in particular.

Click here for workshop agenda.