Speakers & Agenda

Oxford Symposia


Technology and Application Symposium - 23rd March 2015

Sigma-Aldrich Technology Workshop - 24th March 2015

St Hilda's College, Oxford, UK

Twitter: @LPMHealthcare, #CrisprOxford

Provisional Agenda

(Subject to change)

9.00-10.20: Registration, welcome coffee, networking, exhibition
10.20: Welcome and housekeeping
10.30: Dr William Skarnes, PhD (Keynote address)

Senior Group Leader, The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK
Title: High-throughput genome engineering of human stem cells

11.00: Dr Qingzhou Ji, PhD

Principal Scientist, Sigma-Aldrich, USA
Title: Targeted histone acetylation and activation of endogenous genes using engineered ZF-p300 and CRISPR-p300

11.20: Dr Mark Behlke, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer, Integrated DNA Technologies, USA
Title: Co-transfection of synthetic RNA targeting oligos and Cas9 protein for CRISPR gene editing

11.40: Dr Annaleen Vermeulen, PhD

Senior Scientist, GE Healthcare/Dharmacon, CO, USA
Title: Systematic analysis of CRISPR-Cas9 mismatch tolerance reveals low levels of off-target activity using synthetic crRNA and tracrRNA

12.00: Dr Scott Brouilette, PhD

Sr. Marketing Technical Specialist, UK & Ireland, illumina Cambridge Ltd, UK
Title: NGS plus CRISPR: variant identification & validation simplified

12.20: Lunch, posters, networking, exhibition
13.20: Dr Graeme Doran,  PhD

Director of Genomic Assays, Firefly BioWorks Inc, One Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA, USA
Title: Direct quantification of small nucleic acid delivery to tissues

13.30: Dr Benoit Giquel, PhD

Outreach Scientist Europe, Addgene, Cambridge, MA, USA
Title: CRISPR plasmid technology and trends: Data from Addgene’s Plasmid Repository

13.50:  Dr Philip Webber, PhD

Dehns Patent and Trademark Attorneys, Willow Court, Oxford, UK
Title: Crispr: Patenting your inventions

14.10: Dr Tom Webb, PhD

Lecturer in Cardiovascular Genomics, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK
Title: A CRISPR/Cas9 screen to identify genes required for telomere maintenance

14.30: Dr Jean-Paul Vincent, PhD, FMedSci, FRS

MRC National Institute for Medical Research, London, UK
Title: Genome modification in Drosophila with Cas9, homologous recombination and Phi31-mediated integration

14.50: Dr Joffrey Mianne,  PhD

MRC Harwell, Harwell Science & Innovation Campus, Oxfordshire, UK
Title: Engineering mouse genome using CRISPR/Cas9

15.10:  Refreshment break, networking, exhibition
15.50: Dr Bon-Kyoung Koo, PhD

Principal Investigator, The Wellcome Trust Centre for Stem Cell Research, University or Cambridge, UK
Title: Functional repair of CFTR by CRISPR/Cas9 in intestinal stem cell organoids of cystic fibrosis patients

16.10: Dr Robin Ketteler, PhD

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology, University College London, UK
Title: CRISPR Edited Cell Lines For the Study of Autophagy

16.30: Dr Andrew Bassett,  PhD

Postdoctoral Scientist, University of Oxford, UK
Title: Investigation of miRNA function using genome engineering

16.50: Dr  Vlad Nekrasov, PhD

The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich Research Park, Norwich,UK
Title: Exploiting the CRISPR/Cas9 technology as a tool for targeted mutagenesis in plants

17.10: Dr Pantao Liu, PhD

The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, UK
Title: The CRISPR/Cas9 And TALES in gene expression regulation, genetic screens, and gene targeting in human iPS cells

17.30: Close