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The first Oxford Respiratory Viruses symposium will be co-hosted with the annual influenza conference, Influenza 2014. Respiratory Viruses 2014 will focus on applied research and development on all aspects of serological techniques, and sero-surveillance and control strategies that are currently being used/developed for respiratory viruses.

Keynote Speakers







Oral and poster presentation opportunties are available in the following applied areas of respiratory virus research:-

o New serological/immunological assays for respiratory viruses
o Use of surrogate viruses for respiratory virus serology (VLP/Pseudotype viruses)
o Correlates of protection
o Standardization of serological assays
o T cell and B cell assays
o Comparative serology
o Sero-surveillance and control
o Immunogenicity testing of next-generation vaccines
o Therapeutic antibodies

If you are interested in presenting at this symposium, please get in touch with us on ‘fluoxford@gmail.com‘.

We aim to provides a relaxed, open and intellectually-stimulating discussion forum for respiratory virus researchers, attracting world leaders and early-career scientists from academia, industry, public/animal health organizations and regulatory bodies.

We look forward to your participation in Respiratory Viruses 2014.

Dr Nigel Temperton & Dr Simon Scott (Co-Chairs)
Medway School of Pharmacy, University of Kent, UK