EuroPhages 2012

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16-18 September 2014, Oxford, UK


  • EuroPhages 2012 Summary

    Bacteriophage in Medicine, Food and Biotechnology

    14-26 September 2012, St Hilda's College, Oxford, UK

    EuroPhages 2012 conference addressed commercial and research applications of bacteriophage in medicine, food and biotechnology, and covered a variety of topic, including pharmaceutical production and formulation, medical applications, immunogenicity and toxicology, applications in biotechnology, food technology and bacteriophage molecular biology.

    Keynote Speakers:
    • Prof John McCafferty, Cambridge, UK
    • Dr Mike Mattey, Fixed-Phages, UK
  • Distinguished Faculty

    Professor George Salmond
    University of Cambridge, UK
    Conference Chair's Welcome and Introduction

    Professor John McCafferty - Keynote Address
    University of Cambridge, UK
    Title: Generation of antibodies for research and medicine by phage display technology

    Dr Alexandra Henein
    University of Reading, UK
    Title: Development of a range of cytotoxicity assays for testing purified phage preparations

    Professor Dr Elisabeth Haggård-Ljungquist
    Stockholm University, Sweden
    Title: The P2-like integrases, possible tools for directed gene insertions into unmodified eukaryotic genomes

    Professor Dr Grzegorz Wegrzyn
    University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk, Poland
    Title: Regulation of replication of bacteriophages carrying Shiga toxin genes

    Professor Heather Allison
    University of Liverpool, UK
    Title: Stx phage impacts upon their lysogen

    Professor Martha Clokie
    University of Leicester, UK
    Title: The diversity and infection dynamics of Clostridium difficile bacteriophages

    Professor Ian Connerton
    University of Nottingham, UK
    Title: Understanding the ecology of Campylobacter phage to controlCampylobacter colonisation of poultry

    Professor Dr Pilar Garcia
    IPLA-CSIC, Department of Technology and Biotechnology of Dairy Products (DairySafe Team), Asturias, Spain
    Title: Bacteriophages as new tools in the safety of dairy products

    Professor Adelaide Almeida
    University of Aveiro, Portugal
    Title: Reducing the Salmonella horizontal transmission during eggs incubation by phage therapy

    Dr Steven Hagens
    Micreos Food Safety, The Netherlands
    Title: Bacteriophage field trials

    Professor Angus Buckling
    University of Exeter, UK
    Title: Constraining the evolution of antibiotic resistance using phages

    Professor George Salmond
    University of Cambridge, UK
    Title: Evolution of bacterial anti-viral abortive infection systems

    Dr Michael Mattey - Keynote Address
    Fixed-Phage Ltd, UK
    Title: Product development processes for antimicrobial applications of bacteriophages

    Dr Chloe James
    University of Liverpool, UK
    Title: Modelling the co-evolution of 3 temperate phages and their Pseudomonas aeruginosa hosts in the cystic fibrosis lung

    Dr Umendar Sharma
    GangaGen Ltd, India
    Title: Bacteriphage Tail Associated Muralytic Enzymes (TAMEs) as potential bactericidal therapeutic agents

    Professor Ryszard Miedzybrodzki
    Polish Academy of Sciences, Wroclaw, Poland
    Title: The experimental phage therapy conducted in the Phage Therapy Unit in Wroclaw

    Dr Maya Merabishvili
    Queen Astrid Military Hospital, Belgium
    Title: Phage Therapy Experience of Queen Astrid Military Hospital in Brussels

    Dr Carmela Dantas-Barbosa
    UMR INSERM , France
    Title: Antibody Phage Display Libraries: Contributions to Oncology

    Dr Richard Hopkins
    Phylogica Ltd, Australia
    Title: Phage displayed phylomer libraries for the discovery of custom scaffolds suitable for intracellular or extracellular targets

    Dr Miloš Barut
    BIA Separations, Ajdovščina, Slovenia
    Title: Purification of bacteriophages using short monolithic columns – strategies for process development and optimization

    Miss Sadia Sattar
    Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand
    Title: Filamentous bacteriophages: functionalized “Nano-particles or Nano-Phages” for applications in diagnostics and vaccine development

    Dr Jinyu Shan
    University of Leicester, UK
    Title: Understanding the relationship between bacteriophages and Burkholderia pseudomallei, the causative agent of melioidosis

    Dr Gilbert Verbaken
    Queen Astrid Military Hospital, Belgium
    Title: Experts’ views on the current regulatory medicinal product framework: Call for a dedicated European bacteriophage therapy directive

  • Posters Presented at EuroPhages 2012

    (Presenters in Bold)

    Preliminary studies of the applicability of phage therapy with new isolated bacteriophages in marine fish aquaculture

    Adelaide Almeida, Carla Pereira, Yolanda J Silva, Ângela Cunha, Newton CM Gomes

    Phage-based probiotic cocktail in prophylaxis against foodborne infections

    Aleshkin AV , Volozhantsev NV, Svetoch EA, Afanas’ev SS, Vasil’ev DA, Zolotuhin SN

    Why be latent? - The evolutionary biology of temperate phages and latent viruses

    Thomas W Berngruber, Rémy Froissart, Marc Choisy, Sébastien Lion, and Sylvain Gandon

    Characterization of the receptor-binding domain of bacteriophage T7: generation of mutant phages

    Córdoba L, Garcia-Doval C, van Raaij MJ

    Preliminary investigation on two Stx2-carrying bacteriophages induced from STEC strains isolated from goat milk

    Claudia Picozzi, Silvia Grassi, Ileana Vigentini, Roberto Foschino

    Phage Therapy of Burn Wound Infections caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli

    Yves P Gauthier, Flavie Pouillot, Cécile Cléry-Barraud, Magali Leroy, Julien Tessier, Michael Dubow and Jérôme Gabard

    What it the lowest growth rate of bacteria needed for the development of bacteriophage T4?

    Piotr Golec, Joanna Karczewska-Golec and Grzegorz Węgrzyn

    Production optimization of Campylobacter phages

    Nika Janez , Eva Zaletel, Andreja Petan, Bojana Stevovic, Matjaz Peterka*, Ales Podgornik

    The influence of the Cystic Fibrosis lung environment on the ecology ofPseudomonas aeruginosa temperate phages

    EV Jones, MA Brockhurst, A Kadioglu, CE James& C Winstanley

    Characterization of bacteriophages against Avian E. coli isolated from Domestic poultry farms in Korea

    Tae Sung Jung, Tae Hwan Kim

    Unique Klebsiella phage vb_KleM-RaK2 representing a novel genus within a family Myoviridae of tailed bacteriophages

    Laura Kaliniene, Eugenijus Šimoliūnas, Lidija Truncaite, Aurelija Zajančkauskaite and Rolandas Meškys

    An investigation of bacteriophage therapy in the prevention of Clostridium difficile infection using an in vitro colon model

    Emma Meader, Melinda Mayer, Dietmar Steverding, Simon R Carding and Arjan Narbad

    Evaluation of transducing ability of the polyvalent staphylococcal phage preparation STAFAL ® by detection and quantification of antibiotic resistance genes in phage particles using qPCR

    Ivana Maslanova, Roman Pantucek, Marian Varga, Jiri Doskar, Josef Bostik, Vitezslav Fuglik and Marek Mosa

    Classification of Pathogenic Strains of Pseudomonas tolaasii for the Bacteriophage Control of Brown Blotch Disease

    Lin-Lin Mu, Soo-Jin Parkand Young-Kee Kim

    Temperate bacteriophages in Burkholderia cepacia complex

    Johannes Wittmann , Johannes Sikorski , Christine Rohde

    Bacteriophages specific to Xanthomonas phaseoli and Pseudomonas phaseolicola causing brown spot and angular leaf spot of haricot

    Tinatin Sadunishvili, Neli Sturua, Naili Giorgobiani, Nanuli Amashukeli, Nani Mchedlishvili, Nino Omiadze, Jose Neptuno Rodrigues-Lopez, Giorgi Kvesitadze

    Molecular studies of the transcriptional switch region of bacteriophage P2

    Wilhelmina Sehlén and Elisabeth Haggård--Ljungquist

    Understanding the relationship between bacteriophages and Burkholderia pseudomallei, the causative agent of melioidosis

    Jinyu Shan, Jiraporn Gatedee, Edouard Galyov, Sunee Korbsrisate and Martha Clokie

    Application of a rapid method for bacteria detection, in order to evaluate the effect of different cultural conditions on the efficacy of phage therapy as an alternative to inactivate pathogenic bacteria in fish farms

    Yolanda Silva, Ricardo Calado, Newton Gomes, Ângela Cunha, Adelaide Almeida

    The control of contamination in fuel bioethanol production via the deployment of bacteriophage

    Christopher Spencer

    Engineering of P22 tailspike protein to monitor Salmonella-derived polysaccharide

    Kerstin Tang and Robert Seckler

    The genotypic and phenotypic impacts of Shiga toxin-encoding bacteriophage interactions with their host cells

    Marta Veses-Garcia, AJ McCarthy & Heather E Allison

    Combination of Bacteriophages for the Biological Control of Various Strains ofPseudomonas tolaasii

    Yeong-Bae Yun and Young-Kee Kim

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