Samplix Digital Stand

Samplix® provides researchers with tailored genomics tools to solve complex genetic landscapes. Delivered through the Xdrop® platform, Samplix enables scientists to investigate in depth any genomic region of any species, enabling the enrichment of complex, including unknown, genomic regions. Xdrop allows researchers to isolate long (up to 100 kb) genomic regions from DNA samples, by knowing only a short portion (enough to design a short amplicon of 150 bp).

Main applications:

  • Enrichment of long genomic regions
  • Validation of genome editing (CRISPR, transgenic insertions, etc.)
  • Identification of viral integration sites
  • Distinguish genes from pseudogenes
  • Gap-closing in draft genomes
  • Phasing of variants
  • Single cell whole genome amplification (< 6pg DNA)


Compatible with:

  • Low input DNA (< 10 ng)
  • Long read sequencing (Oxford nanopore or PacBio)
  • Short-read sequencing (Illumina)
  • Short tandem repeats
  • Structural variation
  • GC-rich regions


Samplix Xdrop workflow is available both as fully-supported platform (instrument, cartridges and reagents) as well as Service Provider.

Application leaflets (PDF)

Collection of Samplix Application and Technical Notes


Preprint: Verification of CRISPR editing and finding transgenic inserts by Xdrop™ Indirect sequence capture followed by short- and long- read sequencing


Key products

Xdrop Instrument and Technology

The Xdrop™ instrument is a droplet generator that can produce droplets with use of specific microfluidics dPCR (double emulsion) and dMDA cartridges (single emulsion).

o Long-Range Genomic Information: capture long fragments of DNA (>100 kb)
Small Input, Large Output: go from ng to µg amounts of DNA
Learn More From Each Sequencing Run: with a straightforward enrichment method
Work With Uknown Sequences: you just need to know a short piece within or flanking the target
Single-Molecule Resolution: gain an unbiased view of your target’s variation

Xdrop Enrichment and Sequencing Services

Samplix provides target enrichment services using the Xdrop platform together with Oxford Nanopore and/or Illumina sequencing.

The properties of our Xdrop platform allow to target and enrich very long DNA fragments. We are therefore able to perform unique enrichment and sequencing projects, including:

Identify Genomic Integrations, e.g. viral
Verify CRISPR edits
Sequence of repetitive elements, e.g. tandem repeats
Gap closing in difficult genomes
Phase Haplotypes
Amplify Whole Genomes with uniform coverage

Meet the team

  • Peter Mouritzen, VP Market and Applications Development,
  • Cristina Gamba, Global Product Manager,
  • Roman Kurek, Senior Sales Development Manager,